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Best Temporary Structures: Domes, Tents & Marquees Rentals for Creative Events

Dubai is a dynamic, fast-moving and eventful city. Visitors come to experience a world-class tourist and business destination, and many of them arrive to attend meetings or other types of business events. The events industry is one of the foundation stones of the UAE’s bustling and increasingly diversified economy. Dubai, or the UAE generally, is one of the most popular locations globally for organising and hosting high-profile events.


Domes | Event Rentals Dubai | Electra

Event planners in Dubai are some of the busiest and most creative people around. They understand that the starting point that can make or break any event is the venue. The country boasts of different types of purpose-built venues in all shapes and sizes. But what can you do when no existing place meets all your technical or aesthetic requirements? Create your own space! Temporary structures should be your go-to solution because they are so flexible, versatile and adaptable. They are an ideal resource when you need to up the innovation quotient and increase the wow factor.

Temporary structures should not be considered as a lesser alternative to traditional banquet rooms, conference rooms or exhibition halls, but as an attractive option for manipulating and creating new kinds of space. They can be used to expand seating flexibly or to carve up large areas into special zones in non-traditional ways. Temporary structures can be used alone or in conjunction with permanent venues, for example, to create specially designed entryways, or to set up separate display or work areas.

If you think about the most common challenges event planners are facing such as time and space management, budgets, creating outstanding customer experiences, and so on, all these can be helped by using temporary structures. Modular, and flexible, temporary structures can be set up quickly and in virtually any location. You can use them outdoors or indoors, as separate stand-alone installations, or as part of a group of interconnected structures.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Temporary Structure

Successful event agencies know that beyond the hard work and the long hours, the ability to network and to land good clients, the secret of on-going success is to build the right relationships and to have the reliable partners and suppliers to take on key aspects of any event. This is the reason why it is vital to consult the experts about renting and customising temporary structures. MUTA, the UK-based trade association dedicated to marquees, tents and structures has the following advice when it comes to event rentals. When choosing the type of event production company to hire or commission a structure from, look for the following:

  • Experience and track record
  • Essential & Complementary Services: Aside from the actual installation or construction, there are many things a good supplier should be able to provide which include flooring, staging, lighting, ventilation, décor, accessories. Marquee or tent, there’s a lot to do to make an event happen, from flooring and staging to lighting and ventilation and more.
  • On-Site Support
  • Logistics: project timelines & resources
  • Safety

At Electra, we provide seamless and fully integrated event and exhibition solutions to a wide range of local and international clients in the Middle East. With over 25 years of experience in all aspects of successful event delivery and with a dedicated team of 430 experts, we are known for our commitment to the highest production standards and the best project management practices. We are a proud member of IFES – International Federation of Exhibition & Event Services highlighting our dedication to an ethical customer-focused code of conduct. When advising clients about choosing a temporary structure, we recommend considering the following elements:

Ramadan JBH Dubai | Event Rentals Dubai | Electra

1. Space

This is about the type of space needed. Temporary structures can help manipulate space, creating new areas for your customers or guests to feel special, engaged, entranced; creating a stage, setting the launch of a product or service, or the platform for the exchange of ideas. Temporary structures can extend seating or carve out meeting areas. Once you’ve identified the type of space you require, then you can start choosing which temporary structure best suits your event.

2. Season or Climate

It should always be a consideration when choosing temporary structures, and shading. Thermal comfort must also be considered as needed, as well as the wind direction and speed. In general, Dubai and the whole UAE can be too hot to have open temporary structures during daylight hours but closed temporary structures with A/C solutions are alternative solutions to expand an existing venue or to cover a terrace during the hottest months of the year expanding available seating and hosting facilities in an efficient and cost-effective way. Wind has also to be considered as it might impact structure stability

3. Installation or De-installation

This includes time frames for setting up of the structure and decoration. Dome tents for instance can be assembled in 24 to 48 hours depending on their size, making them one of the most efficient solutions for events that have to be organised in very short time frames.

4. Safety & Access

Entrances and exits need to be positioned considering foot traffic flow in the area. As always, the renter or temporary structure supplier must be fully aware and compliant with all safety regulations for public structures, putting in place contingency measures in case of the need for emergency evacuation. Also, access for the disabled, including wheelchair ramps, wide doorways, walkways should be integrated into the design.

5. Aesthetic Design options

Top quality materials taking into consideration highest standards of quality and safety, including flame retardant materials. A temporary structure begins as a skeleton that is transformed into a space for work or entertainment. It is a framework to be transformed into a stage so it needs high quality lighting design, upholstery, draping, furniture and accessories.

6. Amenities, Lighting and connectivity

Different types of facilities and amenities such as restrooms, catering facilities, internet connectivity, business services etc. have to be factored into both design and budget. Event agencies should have the knowledge and experience to advise clients about what will be required and the ability to avail the necessary. The highly experienced event contractor can provide the event management agencies with ideal solutions for integrating function rooms and spaces to different events.

7. Budget

Reputable event contractors will be able to provide detailed transparent breakdowns for each element as well as different options to suit different client requests and desires.

8. Rental options

Each client is different. Good event contractors understand that they must be able to provide clients with a range of options in terms of structures, designs, styles and rental periods as well as a reliable and responsive customer support

Types of Temporary Structures

As one of the leading providers of marquee and tent rental solutions in Dubai and all over the Middle East, we provide a large range of unique shapes, sizes and textures. We also offer a décor and furniture rental service with off-the-shelf and customised options. We offer the following styles and can help clients in selecting the most suitable size and shape to suit different events.


Domes are an exciting and innovative alternative to traditional marquees. Domes offer flexibility and multiple interconnection options. The electra domes modernist design is suitable for any type of mall activation event or activity. It can also serve as a demi-sphere to create a covered terrace, or even act as a windbreak. The dramatic shape and clear walls make a powerful impression

  • Available in four sizes from 9 meters to 30 meters diameter
  • Customisable and fully flexible
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Short assembly time depending on size 24-48 hours
  • Can be connected with walkway tunnels
Domes 2 | Event Rentals Dubai | Electra

Polygonal Tents

These kinds of tents are classic yet innovative shape that provides stunning effects. The design with spacious interior volume creates a special elegance

  • Available in 20, 30, 40 -meter widths
  • Adjustable length – 5-meter increments
  • Roof option – full or clear
  • Can be positioned on double deck structure to increase event views and visibility


Rugby 7 Polygonal Tent | Event Rentals Dubai | Electra

Two-sloped structures

Two-sloped structures are classic and timeless tents adaptable to host all kinds of events, from private parties, receptions, weddings, conferences and exhibitions.

  • Available in 10, 15 and 20-meter widths
  • Adjustable length – 5-meter increments
  • Double deck structure to maximise space
  • Roof option – full white or clear
  • Exciting interior decor options to create exclusive and specific effects for the event (E.g. Velum)
Jumping Show | Event Rentals Dubai | Electra


Marquees are evergreen sophisticated options for optimal elegance and sophistication.

  • Available in wide variety of sizes, from 3x3m to 10x10m
  • Suitable for use as entrance structures, reception areas, retail units, and so on
  • Stylish option for indoor and outdoor
Tennis Emirates Palace Marquee Structure| Event Rentals Dubai | Electra


Arcum temporary structures feature a curved ceiling opposed to a sharp angle for a softer take on the traditional two-sloped tents.

  • Available in 20 and 25m width
  • Adjustable length – 5-meter increments
Global Grad Show Design Week Arcum Structure | Event Rentals Dubai | Electra

Double Deck

The double deck is a multifunctional steelwork structure. Suitable for large events and exhibitions.

  • Efficient way to increase event space
  • Customisable configurations
  • Create impressive event views, ideal for sporting events
Double Deck Structure at NYE Burj Al Arab | Event Rentals Dubai | Electra

Event Rentals in Dubai: Show-stopping Temporary Structures

An efficient, skilled reliable partner can deliver a stylish temporary structure that not only meets all the physical and technical requirements for interior volume and safety but all the aesthetic needs for a special and refined atmosphere that increases guest engagement and lingers in the memory. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with clients to move the project from concept to execution, providing more than just an event rental option to a comprehensive venue solution that is stress-free and seamless. Safety is our priority: whether the structure is custom-made or from our stock of tents and marquees, our engineers run static calculations and produce Method statement and risk assessments documents. Some of our recent projects reveal some of the marvelous effects that can be achieved by using temporary structures.


Made-to-measure Structure at Desert Palm

Working with DesignLab Experience over the course of an entire month, our team constructed an elaborate 2,500 square meter and 15-metre-high structure, entirely made to measure. Located in the middle of open green spacer stables, transparent panels allowed guests to freely view the luxuriant exterior. Sheer linen drapes were used to set off a sophisticated inner space, enhanced by a magnificent branchelier ceiling installation.

Made to Measure Structure at Desert Palm | Event Rentals Dubai | Electra

Dome for the Mother of the Nation Festival 2017

As part of the special annual community event commemorating HH Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, and her contributions to UAE society, we have set up our newest dome tent, a space age white geodesic shape with clear panels on one side, while providing adequate shading.

Electra Dome at Mother of the Nation Festival 2017 | Event Rentals Dubai | Electra

Amazing 6300 Square Meter Temporary Structure

Our team consisting of 75 people worked together to bring to life a magnificent and unique structure in Kuwait. A large central structure is surrounded by 8 domes of different sizes connected by a network of walkways. Framed by the wide Kuwaiti skis, the installation evokes Arabic tradition but is utterly modern.

Temporary Structure in Kuwait | Event Rentals Dubai | Electra

World’s Largest Confetti Dome’ at Dubai Festival City Mall

As part of Dubai’s exciting summer activities, we have set up one of the largest Confetti dome ever seen at DFC. Kids went wild at the chance to prizes including cinema tickets awarded to the best selfies taken inside the dome.

Confetti Dome at Dubai Festival City Mall | Event Rentals Dubai | Electra

Next Step: Choosing the Best Temporary Structure and Event Production Solutions Provider in Dubai

For anyone wanting to create an unforgettable event, an all-encompassing customer experience or that special ambience for an exclusive private event or high-profile public occasion, temporary structures should be at the top of the possible venue list, simply because of the range of creative options they afford. Temporary structures, whether tents, marquees or domes can transform any space, showcase any brand and thrill any sponsor. More than simple event equipment rental and installation, our dedicated experts can help at every stage from project implementation to execution, providing invaluable guidance and advice in selecting the best temporary structures to suit all budgets.

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