Transparent Structure for Weddings and Events

Wedding Tent Rentals Trends for 2023

Every element of a wedding can be fully personalised – from the wedding canopy, tent or structure down to its rented or tailor-made furniture, and through to the smallest of decor details. Wedding tent rentals, such as Electra’s exclusive Woodline structure, make hiring creative and original wedding structures possible and essentially portable. Any area can be converted into a wedding venue through these temporary and contemporary structures.

The Woodline structure is the newest addition to Electra’s range of wedding tent rentals, and has already made its debut on television – Married At First Sight used the transparent option from the Woodline range, immersing guests in the outdoors with all the comfort of a temperature-controlled environment.

Other tents and temporary structures that offer popular wedding structures include domes, tents and marquees. There are a few key considerations that can help you select the right wedding tent rental for your occasion, so feel free to read up on the Four Golden Rules before we continue. Otherwise, let’s go ahead and familiarise ourselves with the wedding tent rental trends ahead for 2023.

Transparent Structure for Weddings and Events

Top 6 Wedding Tent Rental Trends

1. Transparency is Key

While white wedding tents and canopies provide soft, dispersed lighting, there is a new trend in town: transparent wedding tents. With the option of a white or clear roof, this trend immerses guests within the landscape while providing a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment.

The Woodline wedding tent is the favourite in this department, but Electra also offers the Polygonal and Dome tents with transparent or semi-transparent options. Decorating a transparent-style wedding tent is best achieved by using trailing plants and flowers that hang down from the frame of the structure.

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Transparent and partially transparent structures allow guests to feel connected to the landscape outside, while being protected from the elements. Transparent wedding tents are stunning in the daylight, but even more atmospheric at sunset, and at dusk the silhouette of the landscape becomes all that is visible outside. When paired with soft, ambient lighting, the evening atmosphere becomes both unique and immersive.

2. Using Vertical Space

There are several types of wedding tents that feature high ceilings, and the vertical space that exists between the ceiling and floor can be used to great effect. Floral arrangements can be hung, soft drapes intertwined within the structure, and lights can be arranged at any height.

Floral arrangements can be hung from the ceiling of the structure to replace centrepieces on tables; this provides your guests with more room and adds dimension to the venue. If florals aren’t your thing, trailing greenery is another option on the rise. In the example below, trailing greenery is hanging from the structure of each segment; letting the light through, while disguising structural components.

3. Structurally Sound

To achieve the vision of a stunning and graceful wedding, consideration must be given to the structure itself. Electra assembles tents, reinforcements and grand structures on a daily basis, so the structural integrity is a given. However, many event planners fail to consider appropriate structures elsewhere, such as on the ground.

Providing solid flooring is vital not only for dancing, but also affords graceful and stable walking for women in heels. Guests do not enjoy their expensive heels sinking into grass, and this must be taken into consideration for the bride as well.

To support the band, a dedicated, structurally sound base should be provided – but Electra can enhance the experience further by installing a dedicated stage. Likewise, a stage can be made to support the head table, enabling the guests to see the bride and groom as they dine, and ensuring they remain the focal point of the event.

4. Awe-Inspiring Entrances

The grand entrance is an important aspect of a wedding venue. It often conceals what lies beyond, in order to provide the ‘big reveal’ once a guest steps into the wedding tent and takes in the scene.

In 2023, accessorising starts at the entrance – your wedding theme and colour scheme should remain as consistent inside as they are outside, but the entrance is where your guests should gain a hint of the theme that awaits inside. This can be done by accessing the entrance with elements such as soft drapery, flower displays, and lighting to illuminate it in the evening. Electra can create the actual entrance thanks to our in-house production capacity and expertise in steel and carpentry. Our master craftsmen can bring to life your most intricate designs.

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5. Statement Lighting

The wedding trends for lighting often include the standard candle lights, string lights, and occasionally an eclectic mixture of large and small bulbs. However, a new trend is emerging that centres around statement lighting. This has previously been achieved through chandeliers, yet the contemporary trend sees more room for originality and variety than we have seen in previous years.

To use this trend in your wedding venue, there are several options. Combining strands of fairy lights across the ceiling is one way to create a whimsical atmosphere, however there is now a bolder take on this. We can create bespoke elements like lighting fixtures, sculptured lighting and concept lighting, as well as add pieces from our existing catalogue to ensure yours is a truly memorable event.

6. Multiple Structures

Why limit yourself to just one structure when you could have multiple rooms, and even additional storeys? The Double Deck tent offers two levels and is perfect for taking in the views across the landscape. Having several rooms, or several structures can maximise the use of the space and is a good way to prevent overcrowding when guest lists are long.

Remember to leave space for the guests to convene – such as a set of sofas, a dancefloor, space for the band, dining areas, a refreshment area and so on. Utilities such as power, water, air conditioning and generator units can all be hidden within the structure itself, but to maximise the space, they can be concealed in additional, smaller structures.


The key wedding tent rental trends for 2023 centre around creating several, unique structures that offer a connection to the outdoors. Unique lighting displays should demonstrate creativity, and grand entrances remain important, although reimagined to offer just a subtle hint of what lays beyond. Furthermore, the use of transparent fabrics and of vertical space are very strong trends that we will see throughout wedding events of 2023.

When choosing a temporary structure to hold your wedding, it is important to select the right wedding tent – or group of wedding tents – to reflect the overall concept, desired atmosphere, and to ultimately achieve the perfect theme for your wedding. This should then be carried through into all elements of your wedding, including furnishings and decorations. To ensure your wedding day is unique, on-trend, and unforgettable, simply ask Electra to find out how we can make it happen for you.

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