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Festive Season Event Rentals: 5 Inspiring Inspirations

Let’s get this party started! Seasonal Festivities in Dubai

Dubai is beautiful at every time of year, but in the winter, it has a particular charm. It makes it a perfect time for outdoor events and activities – both during the day and night.

During this season, special parties, galas, entertainments and commercial events cram the calendar.

For event planners, it is going to be one of the most hectic times of the year. So, as early as now, it’s better to start thinking about how to make your events stand out amid the hundreds of things going on and time to lock in the resources to make sure you achieve the maximum impact with the most efficient budget.

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Auditoire | VCA | Dubai Opera | 2019

Inspirations for Your Seasonal Festive Event

It can be difficult to stand out during this season and you could easily get lost in the rush of events. Mix up the clichés and don’t be afraid to tweak traditional elements to create your own theme.

The festive season has a special aesthetic often associated with wintery climates. Twist this up by incorporating Dubai and UAE features.

Depending on your or your clients’ theme and guest list, you can go loud and proud with campy décor, tinsel and fake snow or you can be classy and restrained, with a few touches of natural greenery and tea candles. It all works – just pick your style and stay consistent. This works not just for parties and soirees, but even for mall activations and special promotions.

Our top tip for producing extraordinary festive events is to create an immersive experience for visitors and guests using all the available tools – space, lighting, colours, scents and textures.

Mall Activation - Hermes Pop Up at Dubai Mall

Event rentals can provide you with the creative space to bring your dreams and ideas into the real world. Using an event solutions provider will expand your available resources and enhance your creativity. You can concentrate on the “What” & “When” and let your provider deliver the “How’.

Venue: Book or Build?

The make or break element of many events is the venue. During a crowded season, you may struggle to find exactly the kind of space you need. When renting out a space, don’t just consider seating capacity, but how you can integrate its existing features into your theme and design. If you can’t find that special place, consider constructing what you need to your exact specifications.

Ramadan JBH Dubai | Event Rentals Dubai | Electra

Tent rentals make a lot of sense for nearly every Dubai event. Set up your space on the beach, in the park, on the walkway; expand seating in your venue by covering a terrace, pool area or even parking lot.

Developed using the latest technology, temporary structures can now give you all the benefits of traditional venues, without any of the drawbacks. This means you won’t have to worry about anything, including sudden weather changes as your guests will be well-protected.

Marquees, tents, and other temporary structures can also be customised to suit your selected theme, including colours, signage and branding.

For the festive season, there are so many temporary structures suitable for different events. Marquees, and pagodas are stunning locations for formal events, and intimate gala dinners. Polygonal and 2-Slope structures can accommodate huge parties with space for DJ, stage, and dance floor. Smaller structures can be used indoors, for mall pop ups, VIP areas or staging areas.

Seasonal Themes & Décors: Sweet & Spicy

Colours are one of the critical ways to establish a mood. Furnishings and décor set the stage. The latest trends in seasonal decors are eclectic. Think up customised elements that no one else has thought of by mixing and matching, old and new, brash and measured. Mix and match styles and trends. Keep it fun and keep it classy. Here are some of our favourite looks jumbling traditional and contemporary to inspire you:

Confetti Dome at Dubai Festival City Mall | Event Rentals Dubai | Electra

“Comfort & Joy”: Classic and Welcoming

Neutral colours like white, gold, grey and pastels are fun. They are light, young tones for any festive celebration, making them suitable for casual parties, promotions and pop-ups. Add subtle decorations such as snowflake cut outs in white for that added festive feel. Tenor should be clean and unfussy. The furniture can be basic, modern yet very comfortable.

One perfect example is this wedding venue in Dubai. The palette selected was light, with tall pink flower arrangements. The crystal roof polygonal tent took advantage of the incredible scenery, overlooking the famous Burj Al Arab.

Event Rental Services - Wedding at Madinat Jumeirah

“Winter Wonderland”: Shiny, Pretty Things

Evoke the clarity and sheen of a snowy European winter’s day by using shining, luminous colours and a white palette. Use touches of gold, silver and other metallic shades to refract more light. This is a starker look, ultra-chic, and timeless. Suitable for more formal occasions – dinners, corporate get-togethers with a non-traditional edge.

You can easily incorporate it to your venue by adding some Gala-inspired decors and furniture such as our white VIP sofas, Italian tables and geometric stools. You can also opt to have your custom-made cushions and curtains in gold and metallic colours. And if you want to turn the volume up, we have customisable polygonal tents with crystal roof options. Your event will surely be a talk of the town!

Furniture Rental - Italian Dining Table for Four

“Dear Acquaintance”: Natural, Warm and Earthy

Green and gold are traditional colours of the season. Expand the palette with tans, reds and orange tones. Use them in a delicate way combining with the natural texture of wood to create a homey, rustic feel. The Cube, Domes and even Double Deckers would be great for these themes. Adding real plants and complementary pieces from our Scandinavian furniture collection will complete your elegant but hip take on a back to basics festive season. Lounge and Novelty furniture collections focusing on comfy cushions with warm colours will also help your guests get in the zone.

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Event Agency: Luxury Makers by Auditoire
Photo Credit: Stephane Ait Ouarab
Event Rental Services - Auditoire VCA at Dubai Opera 2019

‘Funkytown”: Pump up the Volume, Turn up the Colours

Create a lively scene during the festive season. Combine traditional colours with pop art splashes and illuminated furnishings like Astrium cubes and Sirocco cocktail tables. Deck the space with bright pop art colours, chairs and tables to get the sassiest party vibe. You can also go for a mix of Urban and modern furniture pieces such as our Charles, Acapulco and Diamond chairs will be perfect for this kind of event. And for the venue, you can never go wrong with bespoke structures such as The Cube. From removable roofs to interchangeable panels and customisable exteriors, it only makes sense to add it to your checklist to pump up your or your clients’ event this season.

The Cube Temporary Structure with its Invisible Roof

Everything is Luminous: Turning on the Lights

Lighting is one of the secrets of stunning events. Lighting and shadows create texture and depth in any space. Now think how you use it in your external and internal design themes; twinkling and sparkling. Customisable event structures like our Domes allow you to add light fittings that complement your brand or even your clients’, as well as your theme. Why not enhance your venue further with gold furniture and fixtures, or anything luminous like our Calima balls and Milio Bar Counter?

Event Rental - Luminous Furniture

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The season is one of the happiest times of the year, and the busiest for event planners too! Don’t let the pressure get the best of you. Plan ahead.

For more inspirations for your upcoming events, check our portfolio.

And if you want to know how we can be of help, reach out to us today!


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