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Creating an Outdoor-like Event Indoors

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”

Charles Bowden

Outdoor events are always popular. But the biggest constraint in holding an outdoor event is the season. Is it too windy, too hot, too cold? In most places, summertime is a favourite season for events. But it goes without saying that summer is not the best time to be outdoors in the Middle East, considering the heat and humidity. Do we have to cancel outdoor events just because of it? No. We have to find creative workarounds to organise fabulous events under all conditions, even under the extreme heat. The answer to organising an outdoor event that delivers is to use a temporary structure.

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Renting a temporary structure offers you the same freedom, if not more, than organising your event outdoors would. By starting out with a clean slate, you can build the floor plans, seating arrangements and more as per your needs. At the same time, temporary structures, can provide all the comforts and facilities of traditional venues (including A/C and washrooms).

5 Quick Tips to Help You Create the Perfect Outdoor-Like Event Indoors in the Hottest Months of the Year

  1. Covering all the bases: Choosing the right temporary structure for your needs

There are several factors to consider before making a choice. Some of the most important would be the space required for the event, the size and ground type of the site, installation time frames, aesthetics and more. But how do these fit into infusing the benefits of outdoor events in an indoor space. Here’s what can be done:

Location: Before anything else, you have to decide where your event will take place. Will you be attaching your temporary structure to another venue, will it be built on its own, or will it be in a hidden location? Wherever you choose, tents and marquees are flexible enough to accommodate your preference.

Type: If you want to bring the outside view in, you can do so with clear sides in the daytime and clear roof during the night. Depending on the location and time, you can basically choose any type of structure that will meet your event’s objectives.

The Cube Temporary Structure with its Invisible Roof

Capacity: Unlike the limitations on the number of guests when hosting an indoor event in a permanent venue, temporary structures are customisable and can be built to your desired size which means you wouldn’t need to cut down on your guest list.

Polygonal Tent

Layout: Temporary structures also offer flexibility, and they come in all shapes and sizes so you can build the structure to best suit your event. You can customise the height, width and depth, and divide up the space, using curtains or partitions.

Check out our article on Best Temporary Structures for Creative Event Rentals to help you identify the perfect tent, or marquee for your needs.

Dome Tent Rental in Dubai
  1. The Green Leaves of Summer: Using plants and florals creatively

One way to bring the outdoor feeling into your indoor settings is to bring in the greenery. Adding leaves, vines and flowers around the venue is a perfect way to play up that outdoor event feel. Nothing says outdoor like lush greenery and botanical bliss. This can be achieved by highlighting the main event in leafy splendor and pumping up the greenery in the decor.


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  1. Let there be Light: Natural & artificial lighting

Lighting is a critical component of creating a scene. With a temporary structure, you have multiple options, depending on the type of structure, and the time of day. Transparent exteriors allow sunlight to pass through, illuminating the whole interior. A transparent roof can give a marvelous view of the night sky while spots, uplighting and chandeliers can increase that lighting effect.

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  1. Bringing the outside in: Recreating an outdoor feeling indoors with the right furnishings & decor

Furniture seems to be such an essential feature at any event that it’s easy to overlook its design possibilities. Carefully selected event furniture can create a long-lasting impression on your guests. One great way to mimic the outdoors using furniture is to utilise a rustic wood display, exuding a country feel or creating a luxe tropical setting with rattan furniture.

There’s a lot that you can do with furniture. If you’d like to see more ideas on how to wow your guests with furniture rentals, check out this article: The Event “Wow” Factor: 10 Furniture Rental Style Tips.

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  1. Get the party started: Create, Design, Execute

The overall design should reflect the brand or event theme. There are several ways to lighten things up and one of the ways is to take advantage of natural colours. The colour scheme of your event can determine the ambience of the surroundings. Use colours derived from nature, like deep greens, tans and greys. For example, Pantone Colour of the Year Living Coral is inspired to create a welcoming atmosphere for every guest .


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“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy”: Except for event planners

Never give up on outdoor options just because of the summer heat – make the most out of it by going for temporary structures rather than traditional venues.

Temporary structures have so much to offer saving your guests from the sultry heat. They are a great option not just for aesthetic reasons, but also because most of them are highly-customisable which will help you ensure maximum comfort for your guests. Don’t forget to also create showstopping interiors and entranceways using decors and furniture rentals.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you create that outdoor-like event indoors. If you want more event tips, visit our blog.


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