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4 Golden Rules for that Perfect Marquee Rental

In a bustling city like Dubai, event planners are always under stress in finding that perfect venue for their clients, let alone booking it. Additional pressure is in capturing the attention and creating a buzz within the industry. But why limit yourself to regular venues when you can create one to suit your exact specifications. Going the temporary structure route can give any event planner the license to let their imagination soar high.

A temporary structure is like a blank canvas – it lets you design your venue exactly how you need it to be depending on size, shape and colour. Decorative and styling options are vastly increased as both the interior and exterior of the structures are customisable. Temporary structures, considering all their advantages, are an extremely cost-effective solution for hosting special events. Great design, when not executed properly, its goal will not be achieved.


When you think of outdoor event, you should consider marquees. It’s a classic staple of the most exclusive and elegant affairs – think weddings, garden parties and banquets. Marquees can be traditional or modern, laid back or crisply professional. They are the definition of the cool customisable space – agile enough to host any kind of event. What makes marquees special is the touch of refinement they add; a combination of the classic shape and the flexibility.

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When you go marquee, it’s hard to go wrong. Remember that no matter how great your design vision is, it will never succeed unless executed properly. Avoid being that person who is “Great at planning, but terrible in executing.” To ensure you get the most out of your marquee and to avoid some common pitfalls, follow our handy guide to perfect tent and marquee rentals.

Golden Rules for that Perfect Marquee Rental

“Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal.”
Cornelius Fichtner

1. Knowing what you want

The most important thing you need to do when deciding on a tent or marquee rental is to know what you want and when you want it. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

When to use a Marquee?

Marquees can accommodate virtually any event – don’t just limit yourself to thinking about them for classic affairs. Mix it up by using a marquee for a VIP lounge, conference registration or press office. Also, marquees don’t just have to be used outside. They can be set up indoors too to mark out an exclusive area, as a variation on an exhibition booth or space, or even as an entranceway to a larger event.

How to get the maximum impact from your Marquee?

Marquees might be traditional, but they are never boring. Decoration, theme, branding and lighting can all enhance your event. Spend the necessary time thinking about the objective of the event, anticipated guests or visitors, and the thematic elements. Imagine how the event will flow. How will people enter and exit? How will they move inside the space and what activities will be done within the structure? All these elements will impact your design.

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Things to keep in mind also include the weather conditions, especially during Dubai’s long summer season. Also, consider where you want to set up the marquee – is it in a car park, beach, promenade, or garden area? These will all influence the execution options.


Pro tip: Plan early & plan well

2. Getting the help you need

After you have completed the preliminary planning for your event and have your client’s approval, start to contact event contractors who provide tent solutions. Seek out a provider who can provide multiple services, including on-site support, event rentals and logistical back-up (delivery, set-up, maintenance and de-installation).

Meet with them personally to discuss your vision and see what they can provide to deliver it. Don’t shy away from asking them questions.


Pro-tip: Consult & contract specialists to bring your vision into reality

3. Getting the work done

Once you’ve decided on your vendors and suppliers, it’s critical that you create and maintain clear and frequent lines of communication.

  • Draft a detailed brief (including theme, requirements and expectations) and share it with your contractor
  • Ask your contractor for guidance on size, style and type of tenting to best accommodate your event
  • Develop and approve a budget – with breakdowns for marquee rental and all other needed elements, like audio equipment, sound system, lighting, signage and electrical equipment
  • Develop and agree on a delivery and execution schedule in line with your event dates (Building a minimum safety period is also advisable for last minute changes)
  • Submit accurate CAD or drawings of your design to the contractor
  • Determine if you need any approvals or permits (especially in GCC region) to install your marquee or tent
  • Schedule site inspection visits before, during and after marquee set up.
    • During the initial visits determine and confirm truck access and use of plants on site
    • Check site surface (sand, grass, concrete) and determine best options for marquee flooring

  • Develop contingency plans with your contractor to ensure site safety and backups
  • Brief your client onsite regularly for any progress, issues and restrictions

Pro tip: Plan your work and work your plan

4. Avoiding the most common mistakes

  • Avoid constant changes and revisions. Any change will delay and complicate delivery, not to mention increase the cost. That is why it is so important to spend the necessary time in planning and designing upfront including proper estimation of participants. Getting client endorsement before the build is crucial to avoid pitfalls down the line.
  • Avoid communication break downs. Keep in touch with your clients and contractors to ensure that progress is being made and expectations are aligned. Don’t set yourself up to be surprised by some untimely changes – either from clients or vendors.
  • Don’t drop the details. A plan is only as good as the actions it inspires. Without proper, timely execution, even the most perfect plan is only a piece of paper. Always include all the details of the event and never wait until the last minute.
  • Visit the site. At the end of all the preparation, don’t expect that everything’s going perfectly. It’s better to inspect the venue early and see if it’s going according to plan.


Pro-tip: Follow up, monitor and re-calibrate

Going for the Gold

Creating your own customised venue using a tent or marquee can be a dream come true. If carefully planned and properly executed, it will surely make your event stand out from competition.

Check out our past event ventures or browse through our other available temporary structures, and be inspired to take your event to the next level.

Double Deck Structure - Marquee Rental Dubai
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