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Why are Event Tents so Popular?

Temporary structures and tents for events are high in demand across the region – but what is it that makes them so popular? Whether we are discussing marquee hire, party tents, or pagoda rentals, these much in-demand structures are seen within a variety of different settings and at a multitude of events. Temporary tent rentals create active venues, allowing guests to enjoy more of the outdoor lifestyle in Dubai and the Middle-East than would otherwise be possible, by providing a comfortable space to host visitors.

It is important to note that tent rental in Dubai features more than protection from the hot sun or occasional rain; air conditioning, generators, lighting, and running water can all be installed into Electra’s temporary structures. In essence, an entirely new space or set of several rooms can be assembled to comfortably host any number of people outdoors. Yet that’s not the only reason that tent rental service is so in demand – this article will explore why some of our key structures have become so popular throughout the region.


Popular for brand activations, retail events, dining, sport events and hospitality events.

Event tents come in all shapes and sizes, and the Dome tents are a prime example of this. Popular for their unique and appealing shape, Electra’s Domes offer multiple customisation options, and can easily be interconnected to create an even more dynamic experience.

The example above shows a more formal event, hosting a large number of people with a smaller, interlinked Dome tent. Smaller in comparison; the Confetti Dome below is required to hold less people, yet demonstrates the potential for customisation and hosting original brand activations. The Confetti Dome propelled confetti throughout, with a mixture of custom and standard transparent dome panels adding to the eye-catching nature of the Dome tent.

Dome Tent Rental in Dubai

Available in four sizes from 9m to 30m, the Domes can be assembled within as little as 6 to 48 hours, depending on size. Air conditioning is easily installed within all Electra tents. Versatile, unusual and visually appealing, the Dome is a popular choice for brand activations, and retail and hospitality events looking for that ‘wow’ factor.

Confetti Dome at Dubai Festival City Mall | Event Rentals Dubai | Electra

The Cube

Popular for sustainability, formality, conferences, pop-up shops, cafes, offices, sport and cultural events.

The Cube is a cost-effective temporary structure with a highly customisable design, reminiscent of a permanent building. Interchangeable panels fit together, providing a whole host of design possibilities, including any number of rooms, windows, window treatments, and generator and air conditioning concealment options. It is the similarity to a traditional building combined with the customisation options that makes the Cube structure a versatile and popular choice for many.

Aldar Grove Dome Temporary Structure

Electra’s exclusive Second Skin renders the walls straight, and the branding and treatment options for this are vast. Where competitors have to tailor-make their roofs each time, Electra’s exclusive Inflatable Roof is unique in that it fills any roof space arrangement, helps to insulate, and reduces costs.

The Cube Temporary Structure with its Invisible Roof


Popular for weddings, hospitality, sustainability, corporate events, brand activations, party tent rental, showcasing.

Traditionally shaped with a contemporary twist, the Woodline structure is formed from specially crafted aluminium and made to mimic the colouring and texture of real wood. With a fully transparent membrane, the structure immerses its guests within the landscape, while providing temperature control and electricity.

Having been showcased on the popular TV show, Married At First Sight, this cutting-edge structure is set to become highly in-demand for future events.


Popular for hospitality, entertainment, receptions, party tents, sport events and showcasing.

Polygonal event tents are large and practical, providing a traditional temporary structure that is usually recognisable as such. However, the option of having a fully transparent Polygonal tent makes these event tents look more like glass buildings than tent rentals, and this contemporary option is rapidly increasing in popularity.


Polygonal Tent

Inside the Polygonal tent, the fit out, decor and furniture can transform the space and welcome visitors into an amazing experience. The fully transparent Polygonal event tent showcases its interior design even from the outside, while the traditional white Polygonal tent can provide privacy and give an elite and exclusive feel to the event.

Concealed air conditioning and generator units are always available to ensure events go off without a hitch. Lighting and additional facilities can also be provided to enhance the visitor experience.

Polygonal Tent


Popular for classic events, sporting events, weddings, hospitality, markets and fairs.

Pagoda tent rentals are popularly used to create a structural statement that draws attention to key entranceways. This channels visitors towards the correct entrances without the need for signposting. Pagoda tents, with their classic and instantly recognisable look, are also popular for hosting receptions, retail units and even hospitality villages.

Pagoda Tent Rental Dubai

What makes these tents so in-demand is not only their classic, timeless appeal, but also their versatility. Available as open-air marquees, closed pagoda tents or as an aesthetic addition to Electra’s Cube tents; the options are extensive and varied, and branding is easily applied throughout the structures.

Pagoda Tent

Double Deck

Best for party tent rental, marquee rentals, brand activations, hospitality events, sporting events.

Our Pagoda tents have the option of being upgraded to the impressive Double Deck event tent. This is a step above marquee rentals, and that’s what makes it so popular within Dubai and the Middle East. Not only does it look good, it provides any number of rooms, window choices, and even facilities such as air conditioning, electric generators and water supply.

Double Deck

Whether for a formal event, or a big launch, the Double Deck is ideal for tent rental in Dubai, Riyadh and the rest of the GCC. A spectacular structure, with so many customisation options; it is no wonder these party tents are so popular – they have the ability to create the convivial atmosphere and far-reaching views of a two-storey restaurant or building. The extra viewing platform provides an ideal space from which to watch sports and competitions, so the Double Deck has proved understandably popular for racing and other spectator events.

Inside the Double-Deck – or indeed any other Electra tent – the interiors are what truly bring your event to life. Electra works closely with event agencies and venues to deliver their interior fit-outs and furniture rentals, providing a complete solution from assembling tent rentals to providing the decorative finishing touches.

Double Deck Marquee Rental Dubai


With seven ranges to choose from and unlimited customisation options available, Electra’s popular temporary structures and tent rental services can be modified to suit any brand or event. The option to have an enclosed or transparent, temperature-controlled tent or shelter is a large part of what makes tent rentals so popular with visitors. However, the popularity of event tents also stems from the unique atmosphere it creates. Light, bright and airy, or cosy and enclosed, the options throughout the year are unending but the experiences are always first class.

Whatever vibe you want to create, if you are looking for a tent rental service in Dubai, Electra is able to provide or create the temporary structure solution to suit your needs. Whether you are after a stylish traditional tent structure, a temporary building-like structure, a unique dome or even a tailor-made tent, look no further than Electra’s tent rental services.

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