At Electra, we are committed to upholding responsible business practices in our operations and actively striving to increase sustainability in all areas. We believe in treating our employees, the wider community and the environment with care and respect.

To ensure our commitment is upheld, we have implemented a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that focuses on key areas including healthcare, environmental stewardship and community outreach. We also strive to reduce our environmental impact through reduced emissions, sustainable product development and recycling programs.

Our pledges

In 2018, we launched Electra’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, which puts our ongoing efforts for a socially and environmentally responsible business into a structured action plan. Our CSR program is based on three main pillars: Environment, Enterprise, and Community.

We have clear goals and defined actions to perform in line with the UN Global Compact principles. This commitment was recognized by the Dubai Chamber in 2021 and 2022, and we were awarded four CSR Labels: Environment, Community, Workplace, and Marketplace.

Our 3 pillars
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Our eco solutions

We are committed to bringing unique solutions to the market that are created with people and the planet in mind. Our sustainable mission is integrated into our core, with products that demonstrate our promise of responsible excellence. From innovative, eco-friendly tents, to modular walling solutions, we are proud to be creating the future.


SLIK is our innovative zero waste re-usable modular solution. It is ideal for creating walls, display cases and shelving. The separate components can be assembled in different configurations, dismantled and then utilized once more multiple times.

We have won the “Best Sustainability Initiative” award by the Middle East Event Show 2020 for our work on Global Grad Show 2019 using our sustainable solution SLIK.


We work hand in hand with our clients, events agencies, and venues to create the most sustainable events possible. We can advise you on which materials to use, or how to structure the management of the project to reduce your environmental impact or CO2 emissions.

Exhibition Stands Built by Electra

Our procurement team is constantly on the lookout for the newest developments in eco-materials and eco-solutions for your events, branded environments, and exhibitions. We have an array of greener options to propose to you, and we can integrate more sustainable technical options into your design.

The Cube

The Cube is Electra’s award-winning temporary structure. This tent is the closest you can get to a permanent building and it is also the most sustainable. Each part of The Cube, from the structure to the panels is reusable and can adapt to different structure sizes and characteristics.

The Cube tent’s eco-friendly aspects are not limited to its structure itself. The tent is equipped with an inflated roof which guarantees superior insulation and energy savings. Built at European standards of quality, safety, and sustainability, The Cube is also equipped with sustainable flooring.


Furniture rental is by default a more sustainable option than furniture purchase for your event. At Electra, we decided to go further by developing an eco-furniture line.

Supported by our certification in Ethical Procurement and Supply by CIPS, we engaged in the creation of furniture collections that are either 360 degrees sustainable (materials, production practices, energy consumption, labor practices…) or produced locally in the Middle-East using sustainable materials. Visit our Furniture Rental section to see the latest additions to our catalogue.

CSR Initiatives

Net Zero Carbon Events

We have joined forces with 109 other event industry professionals to pledge for “Net Zero Carbon Events” by 2050 at the COP 26 in Glasgow. We are committed to supporting the goal of net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and recognize the vital role that the events industry can play in driving meaningful progress. We are actively involved in implementing the NZCE roadmap into our daily operations with the objective to halve our GHG emissions by 2030.

As a founding member of the NZCE and the first contractor in the Middle East to commit to the initiative, we are your go-to partner for sustainable events and exhibitions in the Middle East: let’s talk!

Supporting the United Nations Global Compact

By joining the UN Global Compact, we have made a commitment to incorporate the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact into our strategy, culture, and daily operations. These principles cover human rights, labour, and environmental issues, and will help ensure that Electra is taking an ethical and responsible approach to business.

We have been an active member of the UN Global Compact Middle-East’s chapter since 2019.

1 project, 1 tree

In April 2021, Electra celebrated Earth Day by launching its 1 Project 1 Tree initiative. As part of this initiative, we are planting one tree for each and every project we take on. In partnership with vetted NGOs (EcoMatcher), we have already planted trees in the Philippines, India and Nepal, and have recently extended our efforts into the United Arab Emirates.

This initiative reinforces our commitment to helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals through more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

A message from our CEO

As we Build the Future of Events, our focus on ethics and sustainability remains unwavering. Inclusivity, agility, and passion are now more than ever inscribed in our philosophy and strategy. We are continuously implementing long term actions involving our workforce and stakeholders.

From environmental impacts to social implications and most importantly welfare and human rights, executives, management team and CSR committee have been working restlessly to maintain the high standards we have committed to.

Looking at the future, our aim is to strengthen Electra’s dedication to global causes, sustain our legacy in the industry and align further with international standards of sustainability, in the line with our international group of companies, E3 World.

Benoit Honnart
CEO, Electra MEA

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