Temporary structures

Choose from our off-the-shelf structures or contact our tent specialists for a fully custom-made structure. Our exhibition tents for hire are the most customizable on the market and we have the production capacity to build a structure on-demand.

WOODLINE by Electra

Step into the future of event tent rental Dubai with Electra’s WOODLINE tent, where sustainability meets cutting-edge design.

This innovative structure offers a natural wood aesthetic and aluminum framework, ensuring flexibility for events from intimate weddings to grand corporate gatherings. Experience 360-degree transparency, customizable sizes, and simple assembly, making every occasion memorable. With WOODLINE, Electra redefines the essence of stylish, eco-conscious events, inviting you to explore the limitless possibilities of modern event hosting.

/ 10-40m x 15m
/ 10-40m x 25m

The Cube

Where form meets function. Discover The Cube and embrace endless possibilities.

From an art exhibition and music gig to fashion show and pavilion, The Cube is a multi-versatile temporary structure with modern aesthetics and no-limit to creativity. Made by and for Electra, this flexible structure is an essence of innovations conforming to European standards of quality

/ 10m x 6.4m
/ 15m x 6.4m
/ 20m x 6.4m
/ 20m x 9.4m
/ 30m x 9.4m
/ 40m x 9.4m

Electra Domes

These unique structures provide a stylish alternative to traditional marquees. With their distinct structure and range of customization and interconnection options, Electra Domes can be installed quickly and easily, with assembly time ranging from 6 to 48 hours depending on the size. They are perfect for a wide variety of events and occasions, providing an engaging and memorable experience for all.

/ 9m
/ 14m
/ 19m
/ 30m


Our Arcum temporary structure offers a softer take on the traditional two-sloped event tent rental in Dubai. Its ceiling is arched rather than sharply angled where the two slopes meet in the center, and it is available in two widths and multiple lengths, increasing by 5-metre increments.

/ 20m width; up to 70m in length
/ 25m width; up to 70m in length


Our polygonal structure is available in a variety of widths, with either a full grey or clear roof. Its innovative shape and ability to be extended in 5 metre increments make it perfect for double deck structures which provide excellent views across events.

/ 20m width; up to 110m in length
/ 30m width; up to 155m in length
/ 40m width; up to 60m in length


The classic lines of our two-sloped temporary structure make it suitable for multifunctional use. This structure can be extended in 5 metre increments and can be configured as a double deck structure.

/ 10m width; up to 145m in length
/ 15m width; up to 95m in length
/ 20m width; up to 70m in length


Our sophisticated pagodas are the perfect choice for entrance structures, reception areas, retail units, or hospitality villages at a variety of events. With a range of sizes available, you can find the perfect tent rental Dubai for your event.

/ 3x3m
/ 6x3m
/ 4x4m
/ 5x5m
/ 10x10m

Double Deck

The double deck is an ideal solution for the event and exhibition industry, providing a multifunctional steelwork structure that features a double-storey design. This allows for increased capacity and an unobstructed view from the upper level, and is perfectly suited to enhance the experience of any event.

Not finding the structure you’re looking for?

Our skilled tent specialists can customise and combine our structures to create a custom-made venue for your event. We also have the unique ability to create fully made-to-order premium temporary structures supported by our in-house steel production facility, we are the market leader in the GCC on this segment.

“Watch the making of an impressive structure built in the span of just one month in Dubai!”

Want to create the ultimate venue for your next event?

From off-the-shelf tents to the most customised temporary structures on the market, our tent specialists got you covered.

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