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Boosting Your Event with Global Exhibitions Management Companies in Dubai

Global exhibitions management involves full management of trade shows or exhibitions. This can involve a variety of tasks like exhibition coordination, coordinating logistics, and working with international partners and vendors.

How can Global Exhibitions Management Companies in Dubai Help You?

  • Creating a plan for the exhibition and assisting with the technical side
  • Working with vendors and partners to make sure everything needed for the exhibition is taken care of
  • Establishing water and electricity supply, carpeting, graphics, and so on
  • Handling the logistics of the exhibition, including coordinating the transportation and setup of exhibits, and making sure all necessary permits and licences are in place

Why is Electra your Go-to Exhibition Contractor in Dubai?

As a global exhibitions management contractor in Dubai, Electra can provide a range of services, including exhibition coordination, depending on the specific needs and goals of the event. 

1. Specificity of the Projects from A-Z

Electra can help ensure that the exhibition is well-planned and executed by offering a full range of project management services, with every aspect carefully thought out and carried out. Our experienced team, streamlined processes, and single point of contact make sure that all projects are brought to life hassle-free, on time, and on budget.

Behind the Scenes - Exhibition Stand Builders in Dubai

2. Full Technical Venue Coordination and Set-up 

Electra can offer a range of services related to venue coordination and setup for exhibitions and trade shows. This can include:

  • Full technical venue coordination: Electra can handle all aspects of coordinating and setting up a venue for an exhibition or trade show, including contracting with the venue, arranging for utilities and other services, and overseeing the installation of exhibits and other elements.
  • Coordination with existing venues: Electra can work with an existing venue to coordinate the setup and installation of an exhibition or trade show. This can involve coordinating with the venue staff and vendors, and ensuring that all necessary equipment and services are in place. 
  • Creation of a new venue: In some cases, Electra can help to create a new venue for an exhibition or trade show, either by building a temporary structure or by converting an existing space into a suitable venue. This can involve coordinating with architects, contractors, and other professionals to design and build the venue.

3. Innovative Space Planning and Production

Innovative space planning and production for exhibitions and trade shows refers to the exhibition design and implementation of creative and effective layouts. From technical drawings to planning the layout and design of the space, as well as the incorporation of lighting and other visual elements to enhance the overall aesthetic and appeal of the space, we’re here to help. 

Electra provides exhibition stand services, including designing and building stands for retail vendors, B2B exhibitors, and common areas within exhibition venues such as cafes, bars, registration areas, and VIP lounges.

Ataya Exhibition Stand 2018

4. A/C, Power and Lighting Solutions

Electra provides a variety of exhibition solutions in Dubai related to air conditioning, power, and lighting for exhibitions and trade shows. This can include:

  • Coordinating with vendors to provide air conditioning, power, and lighting services for the exhibition or trade show. This can involve negotiating contracts, pricing, and other details to ensure that all necessary equipment and services are in place.
  • Providing technical support and troubleshooting for any issues that may arise with air conditioning, power, or lighting during the exhibition or trade show.
  • Working with the company to develop a plan for the exhibition or trade show that includes detailed requirements for air conditioning, power, and lighting. This can involve conducting site visits to assess the needs of the venue and determining the best solutions based on the size and layout of the event.

5. Exhibitor Relationship Management during Production

Electra offers exhibitor relationship management services which includes working with exhibitors to understand their goals, providing support and guidance for the production of their stand or space.

6. Mounting and Dismantling

Electra can provide mounting and dismantling services for exhibitions and trade shows. This includes coordinating with exhibitors, providing support and guidance, overseeing setup and installation, and managing the dismantling process. These services help ensure that the exhibition or trade show runs smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.

8. Trusted by Clients

We have proudly maintained long-term relationships with clients like Art Dubai, Downtown Design, and Ataya Exhibition for over 10 years. For Art Dubai 2022 alone, we were able to provide a total of 115 gallery stands and common areas of the venue, covering a total area of 3,400 square metres.

This demonstrates the high level of quality in our work and the strong working relationships we have built with our clients. These relationships have helped us to effectively communicate with and understand the needs of our clients, enabling us to deliver successful projects efficiently. We are confident that we can bring this same level of expertise and dedication to any project we undertake.

Getting Ready for Your Next Global Exhibition

Whether you are planning a small local exhibition or a large international trade show, our team can help ensure that every aspect of the event is carefully planned and executed. With our wide range of services and expertise, Electra is the go-to exhibition contractor for companies in Dubai and UAE looking to take their events to the global stage. Contact us today and let us help you realize your visions for your next global exhibition.

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