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Attracting Visitors to your Exhibition Booth

Exhibitions often feature a large number of businesses, all competing for the attention of the same visitors. As booths are often provided in a standard size, and visitors are bombarded with hundreds of different company logos, it’s important to ask yourself – what has your exhibition booth got that will cause your logo to be remembered above all the others? What does your stand have that will attract visitors to engage with your brand?

These might seem like big questions, but essentially your ability to capture visitors’ attention and imagination boils down to the graphics, build and furnishing of your exhibition booth. This includes everything from the structure of your stand, to the quality of materials, furniture selection and layout, interactive elements, and the overall creativity and atmosphere.

Quality is an asset that is all too often overlooked, but it is something visitors do notice and it has a strong impact on how appealing your exhibition booth is. You can read more about the power of quality in a previous blog, or read on to find out how to construct your exhibition booth to attract visitors.

Exhibition Booth Materials

With an understanding of how important it is to use quality materials, we can start looking at the types of materials available for exhibition booths and trade show displays. Any aesthetic, atmosphere or experience can be created with the right materials, and as Electra works directly with exhibition booth design companies, you can rest assured that your exhibition booth will be high quality from start to finish.

Overall, using fabrics will often provide the most contemporary and luxurious feel, but most materials can be made to work when exhibition booth designers are involved in the process. So, from the ground up, let’s explore the materials you might opt for:

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Exhibition Booth Flooring

Carpets – especially high-pile carpet – can provide a luxurious feel underfoot. Carpets are comfortable, low impact surfaces, which provide a fair amount of grip. Avoid low-pile carpets unless advised otherwise by designers, as these lack the high quality feel.

Wood laminate – laminate flooring is made from multiple thin layers of wood, pressed into a fibreboard core and sealed with resin. A contemporary flooring material, by using wood laminate you are tapping into the trend for natural materials.

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Vinyl – this is an affordable synthetic material, available in a range of colours and patterns, but must be used in tandem with careful design in order to look appealing rather than tacky. This flooring type can work well – for instance when colour-blocking your exhibition booth – but the furnishings and accents are vital as vinyl does not have the same luxurious underfoot feel that carpets and laminates do.

Plexiglass – a glass alternative, this can be used to provide transparent flooring and surfaces at different levels. For instance, plexiglass is often used in combination with lights for window and shelving displays as well as for stages and dancefloors.

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Walls for Exhibition Booths

Painted walls – whether you use a roller paint throughout, or urbanise your exhibition booth with tasteful spray paint illustrations, paint is a popular choice that can work well with any exhibition booth build. Solid colours, whether neutral or bold, can make a sophisticated or creative statement for your exhibition. Glitter paints can catch the eye, particularly when paired with atmospheric uplighting. Whatever your style, you can’t go far wrong with paint.

Natural materials – using metal or wooden walls can create a trendy and contemporary look; pallet or reclaimed wood, and recycled or upcycled materials, all remain part of the strong trends linking back to sustainability.

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Fabric walls – as discussed, fabrics often offer the most contemporary and luxurious feel to an exhibition stand. This is where quality can be declared, as visitors do not expect fabric walls in an exhibition, yet they provide such a comfortable atmosphere where used correctly. Fabric walls can absorb sound, enabling your pitch to be heard above the noise of the wider exhibition, and should be paired with comfortable seating to enable visitors to stay longer, and indulge in the cosy, stress-free environment you have created.

Banners and graphics – a common backdrop for walls is a branded banner, or graphical illustration of products and services. While this is informative, it needs to be well designed in order to be appealing to visitors. Simply displaying your brand is not enough when it comes to exhibition booths, as you could be one of hundreds doing the same. Electra works with exhibition booth designers to perfect the creative side, and install banners themselves to ensure they are well fitted. There is, after all, nothing less appealing than a drooping branded banner in an exhibition.


Exhibition Booth Signage

As above, the quality of graphics and the display of graphics are incredibly important for attracting visitors to your exhibition booth. Exhibition booth signage can take the form of banners, vinyl stickers, or event be displayed more creatively, such as on light boxes.

The quality and style of graphics, lighting strength and positioning, along with well executed finishes, are all elements that will differentiate your exhibition booth from the competition and attract more visitors as a result.

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Exhibition Booth Furniture

Using furniture in exhibition booths encourages visitors to stop and stay at your booth. However, there are two vital considerations to keep in mind when furnishing booths – firstly, you need to select the right style of furniture. It must suit the location, situation, brand and colour scheme; the more harmonious everything appears, the more your visitors will feel drawn towards it.

The second important point about furniture styling is the arrangement – furniture must be arranged so that it welcomes the visitor and makes them want to go and sit down or interact with your exhibition booth. Furniture barriers, however, should be avoided at all costs – a row of chairs with their backs to the visitors creates an unwelcoming and closed-off space. In addition to this, any visitors seated on those chairs would feel uncomfortable due to being unable to see what is happening along the busy exhibition corridors behind them. It is important to note that human psychology plays a large role in attracting visitors into exhibition booths.

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Table and chair rental in Dubai provides exhibitors with the possibility of furnishing their stands without investing into purchasing and storing the additional furniture. Electra offers furniture rentals, including tables, chairs, sofas, pouffes, benches, counters, showcases and storage. You can therefore rest assured that your entire exhibition booth fit-out will be technically designed, supplied and implemented through Electra.


At exhibitions, competition for visitors’ attention is so stiff that you have only a few seconds to captivate their curiosity and draw them in. You only get a few seconds to capture that attention so the quality of materials, furniture and layout are all vital considerations if you plan to attract visitors into your exhibition booth.

In a sea of branded exhibition booths, the presence of your logo alone is not enough. To make the best impression, create the strongest visual impact, and welcome the most visitors, Electra is the solutions provider to make that happen. As installation and solutions provider for multiple exhibitions, including Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions, Electra have the proven ability to deliver awe-inspiring exhibition booth builds – find out how we can transform your exhibition booth today.

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