How to: Request a quote for a Temporary Structure

Time is precious, so let’s use it more effectively. Sometimes, getting it right the first time is as easy as following a simple 4 step process.

We want to help you start off on the right foot, setting the foundations for a great working relationship. Here we offer our simple step by step method on how to request a quote for a temporary structure.


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By providing this information right from the word go, the sales representative on the receiving end should have everything they need to get back to you straight away with a quote. Thus, avoid waiting around for an initial response and a potentially lengthy email chain.

Step 1: Consider what may be on the invitation

What is the event? Will it be a sit-down dinner, cocktail party or conference for example?

When is the event?

How many people will be attending?

Where is it?

Step 2: The location

Where is the exact location?

Is there access for trucks and trailers?

What is the time allocated for set-up and dismantle?

Step 3: Don’t forget what could be underground and on the surface

Is the ground flat and level? And is it sand or compact ground, for example?

Can we stake or is a ballast required? If there are any works such as electricity, irrigation lines or water that are less than 1.5m underground then a ballast is recommended.

Step 4: Now consider what will be needed in and around the structure

Notify if there is anything above that may obstruct the tent in any way.

Is there power onsite?

Will you need power and or AC for the duration of the event?

Will there be any glass used on the structure?

Do you request any internal fit-out e.g. flooring, roof and wall lining, carpets or lighting?

Would you like furniture hire?

Once you have these questions answered you will have a comprehensive, informative request and you can look forward to receiving a swift response with that all-important quote.


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