Go Deeper Into The World Of Scandinavian Design

This October, we delved into the everlasting trend of Scandinavian Design, looking beyond the likes of IKEA. We questioned its origins, why it works on a global scale and how could you add it to your event.


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What is Scandinavian Design?

Arisen in the 1950’s, in the five Nordic countries of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark, Scandinavian design has become a household name in everyday living. While the term Scandinavia only refers to the three kingdoms of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, the term is often used colloquially to refer to all five of these countries. After the 1947 edition of the Triennale de Milano design exhibition in the city of Milan, Scandinavian home décor had the world captivated.

“Clean lines, token ornamentation and flawless craftsmanship was the essence of its aesthetic.”

This movement towards minimalism transformed the modern design industry. Elaborate, ornate furniture was replaced with natural qualities, warm tones and honest materials. The idea that beautiful everyday furniture and decor should not merely serve the elites is what led Scandi style to be loved across the globe.

“The ambience it creates boasts light and airy comfort, with a focus on maximising your space.”

Nordic design is praised for its lack of fuss and versatility leading it to withstand the test of time. The ambience it creates boasts light and airy comfort, with a focus on maximising your space.

Ideal for an exhibition booth, VIP lounge or reception area, the inviting quality this style provides is the perfect way to distinguish yourselves and welcome your guests into a warm and friendly atmosphere.

How to add a Scandinavian Touch to Your Event?
Our 5 Top Tips!

/Furnishings: Choose furniture that features soft proportions, organic textures and moulded forms to fit the contours of the human body.

/Colours: Think copious volumes of milky whites, smooth greys and pale pastels to create a calm, clean atmosphere, playfully accented with peaceful blues and a pop of vibrant colour, consistent with the 21st-century Scandi style.

/Floors: Chic light or whitewashed hard-wood flooring is favoured, avoid wall-to-wall carpets.

/Lighting: Consider adding metallic hanging pendant lights or free-standing lamps, carefully positioned to diffuse light around your lounge area.

/Accessories: “Less is more” encapsulates Scandinavian design, particularly when it comes to accessorising. Yet invite nature in with fresh flowers and botanicals or add cushions for an additional kick of colour and comfort.


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