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As the holy month draws nearer, Ramadan furniture, tents and events become increasingly popular. Ramadan forms such an important part of the year for so many, and the vast majority of businesses and charities want to get involved to show their support and engage with communities throughout that time.

Due to the popularity of Ramadan and iftar events, the availability for furniture rentals, tents and majlises rapidly reduces as the holy month approaches – which is why we recommend making sure you secure the essentials now. This may include your tent or structure, Ramadan furniture, and any provisions you might be offering for iftar.

Whether you are considering a temporary Ramadan tent, or setting aside space within a building, selecting the right decor is key. The option of having table and chair rentals makes it much easier to host large-scale Ramadan events; this article will focus on selecting the right furniture styles for your event. This follows on from our previous Ramadan eventing advice, so feel free to read up on our Ramadan event do’s and don’ts and our advice on decorating with Ramadan furniture rentals beforehand.

6 Styling Tips for Ramadan Furniture Rentals

1. Focal Point

Our first tip is to identify the focal point – decide what element you would like your visitors’ attention drawn towards. This may be a donation box, an iftar spread, or to the centre of a luxurious Ramadan furniture arrangement, it is vital that you hone in on the centre of your display or event.

One such way to do this is to use a statement piece of furniture; a bold colour or unique design will often draw the eye. Once your focal point has been established, it is possible to further enhance it by adding Ramadan accent furniture and styling details, which will be addressed later in this article.

Saray Velvet 2 Seater Sofa in Blue Saray Velvet 2 Seater Sofa in Blue

5. It’s In the Details

Accent pieces enhance the overall look of a space, but unlike focal points, they don’t draw focus away. Accents may include tables, side tables, or decorative features which – when combined – create a stylish and comfortable atmosphere.

Furniture provides a function, but it is the little details, accents and final touches that create the overall atmosphere. Adding in mood lighting, contemporary Arabian elements, and accessories such as cushions, will go a long way to providing a comfortable environment that attracts visitors.

Madina Lamp Golden Brown Madina Lamp Golden Brown

6. Ramadan Themed Furniture

Ramadan and iftar tables tend to display Arabian-inspired statement designs, such as Mashrabiya cut-outs and graphics. As shown on the right, a contemporary twist is often taken on those Arabian-influenced designs to create something that merges tradition with today’s trends.

Furniture Rental - 9-TSWWW-Coffee-Table-Italian-Mashrabiya Italian Coffee Table Mashrabiya White


Choosing the right furniture options forms an essential part of making your Ramadan event a success. Organisers can often find this to be more challenging than it sounds, as your Ramadan furniture rental must suit your brand, event purpose, target market, and the space you have available. However, it is important to note that you are not limited to furniture catalogues alone; Electra supplies custom-made furnishings that make sure your event is like no other.

While there is a great deal that goes into preparing your space for Ramadan, our experts are always on hand to guide you through the process. Whether you’re looking to rent Ramadan furniture or even organise a temporary venue for your event, click here to discover Electra’s Ramadan event solutions.


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