Art Dubai 2022 Outdoor Furniture Theme

Top 5 Most Inspirational Outdoor Furniture Themes in UAE and KSA

Summer events in the Middle East require an indoor venue with air conditioning, which temporary structures and closed tents can easily provide. In the cooler seasons, however, open-air tents and pagodas allow guests to enjoy the outdoors, drawing people into your venue to relax and restore as they take in the surroundings – and your branding.

Temporary structures offer customisable floor plans, layouts and fit outs, and can be equipped with lighting, electricity, A/C units and even washroom facilities. Outdoor furniture rental is often part and parcel within these structures. Click here the link to find out more about using temporary event structures, or continue reading to get inspired by the most popular themes for outdoor furniture hire.

Most Inspirational Outdoor Furniture Themes

1. Light as a Feather

Whether indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both, the light and airy theme embraces outdoor living and is often used to express elegance, sophistication, health and wellbeing. Taken further, it can become ethereal and transport guests into another world.

Taking a look at the example, the use of natural light, pale wood, and neutral tones stand out. The colours and materials create warmth, while the fabric above provides shelter and softly scatters the light throughout.

A range of seating options are provided, not only drawing guests towards the different experiences, but also giving form and dimension to the room. It is important to create a range of seating experiences and options in order to meet your customers’ expectations.

Art Dubai 2022 Outdoor Furniture Theme

2. Lush and Green

Greenery has been honoured for centuries worldwide, with the first known ornamental gardens originating from the Middle East. Whether through desert oases, palm groves, falaj irrigation channels or decorative fountains; it’s a décor favourite that is often used by our clients for outdoor events

Using greenery in a space will improve consumer interest and foster feelings of comfort and connection, as natural sights, sounds and smells have been shown to decrease stress and increase positive attributes like productivity, health and wellbeing.

Art Dubai 2022 Outdoor Furniture

The example above shows tall green structures, creating a partition or barrier and enclosing the area without cutting off sight from the seating area. This creates a cosy, welcoming area that is further grounded through the use of natural materials and an earthy colour palette. Additional elements can include moving water, fire, or fragrant flowers to increase the biophilic connection and captivate the senses.

3. Industrial

Whether clean metal or coated in colour, metallic designs are one of the classic ways to show sophistication, strength and determination without detracting from the purpose or product it surrounds. This is often – but not always – coupled with clean lines and a minimalistic approach.

We see an example of a rigid metal structure enclosing the area, yet the metal furnishings are delicate in comparison. This is an example of minimalist industrial design at work, as it uses the visual differences between heavy and light to draw attention into the space.

Prisme Cadillac Outdoor Furniture

4. Colour Pop

A bold colour wash creates instant impact. It emanates confidence, sets the mood, and overall makes a strong statement. The colour needs to be carefully chosen as it does impact the atmosphere and mood; darker colours tend to be used in formal or even sombre occasions, while brighter colours are for more playful, creative and lighthearted events.

Creating a mature yet playful vibe can be achieved through blending sophisticated and formal rectangular and linear shapes – such as the seating arrangements and shelter on the left – with a pop of colour and novel elements such as the swing seat.


Prisme (Cadillac Sole DXB) Outdoor Furniture Rentals

In addition to flooding the space with colour, you can consider shapes and forms, and how they interact. Think outside the box. What if the floors extended up the walls? What if parts of the ceiling extended down like drip or icicles? Perhaps even formed partitions? The more unexpected a space is, the more memorable it becomes.

5. Contemporary

The contemporary approach can be a blend of any number of trends or approaches, as long as it represents what is current. As we see in the example (designed by Alvia), Chopard approached contemporary with a mixture of minimalism, natural material usage, and a restricted colour palette.

While Chopard’s furniture was bespoke and tailored to their brand, a contemporary look always begins by looking at the current design trends. Outdoor event furniture can truly capture the essence of the brand when it is made specifically for either the brand, event or activation.

Alvia Chopard Outdoor Furniture


The top five most inspiring outdoor furniture themes were: light and airy, lush and green, full of colour, industrial themed and – last but not least – contemporary. Some of these themes have been going strong for several years, but others will be new and usual. The best way to choose a theme for your outdoor events is to consider your brand or client, what it represents, and how you can best express their company values.

Outdoor furniture hire is the easiest way to get the look you’re after without the long-term commitments. Hiring furniture for outdoor events enables you to stay up to date with the latest trends, keep your branding fresh, and make sure your activations are always inspiring.

Make your event memorable by hiring out the most on-trend outdoor furniture – simply browse Electra’s Furniture Rental catalogue to get started.


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