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10 Favourite Event Furniture Pieces in 2022

Furniture is the Essence of Event Settings

Furniture is one of the most important dimensions of interior design. It adds drama and interest to a space – through lines and curves, texture and colour. Furniture is an essential item in staging an event. That is why furniture and accessory choices are at the heart of creating and implementing a unique event theme. Tables, chairs, furnishings, lighting and décors are all important elements in creating an immersive atmosphere that can transform any occasion from the ordinary to the unforgettable.

Ramadan Furniture Rental - Mashrabiya theme

Renting Furniture for Events: The Right Choice at the Right Price

Renting furniture is always a better option than buying for the following reasons:

  • Faster and more convenient than buying – Choose the items you need from a catalogue and receive your furniture items on time.
  • Wider choice in terms of styles and trends
  • Reduced overall costs – Renting is always cheaper than buying
  • No need to store items between events – Rent only what you need when you need it

Different events require different types of furniture. The event and theme should drive your furniture selection whether you are planning a large conference or exhibition, a wedding, or an outdoor concert or an intimate dinner. The best furniture rental providers will be able to offer you much more than basic seating options. You will have a choice between different design styles – contemporary, classic, outdoor, industrial, and so on, as well statement pieces to uplift any setting. The items will be in perfect condition and there will be a range of accessories and companion pieces to complement the look.

10 Furniture Pieces for Your 2022 Events

1. Saray Velvet Sofa

This sofa is a sumptuous ageless piece with a modern-day spin. Soft velvet fabric, in a rich shade of blue, or neutral beige, is set off by brushed gold metal legs. The classically inspired shape is the core piece of the Saray collection featuring elegant bar stools, a marble topped cocktail table and an exquisite VIP armchair encased in gold-finished metal. Use the entire set to create a VIP lounge for a formal event. Build a mood around the sofa using cushions in complementary colours. As a stand-alone piece, it can express both glitzy glamour and splendid opulence. Play around with its placement and the setting to transform from a fun contemporary luxe mood to understated elegance and refinement.

Saray Velvet Sofa-Electra Events

2. Forest Chair

The Forest chair, an Electra exclusive, goes all out for an authentic feeling. Drawing its inspiration from the natural grace of trees, the chair features a slim padded seat, signature Y-back supports and semi-circular arms. There is a timeless feel to these chairs and a restrained smartness. Equally at ease in outdoor or indoor settings, off-set the neutral shades with vibrant green plants or flowers. Match it with the Forest stool and the Forest cocktail table for a tropical retro-colonial club vibe or use two or more of these chairs to create an intimate corner. The natural lines and neutral colours perfectly encourage tranquillity.

Forest Stool-electra solutions

3. Roma and Palermo Lounge Sets

These plush lounge sets are made for large spaces and big events. They feature curvilinear shapes upholstered in soft fabrics in white or neutral shades, set off with light touches of wood. They are called lounge sets for a reason. Guests are sure to feel at ease seated comfortably across the different sofas, recliners, and banquettes. Create one large seating area or several smaller arrangements. This modular set makes it all possible. The choice is yours!

Roma Lounge Set

4. Rattan sofa

The Lolah Rattan three-seater sofa is a cult favourite, made of blonde open weaved rattan with cool white cushions. This article can be playful, boho, or chic depending on the setting. It works both outdoors and indoors. Create cosy seating arrangements with other items from the Lolah set including the Lolah Rattan armchair, the Lolah Rattan sofa and the Lolah Rattan coffee table. Set up a delightful reception area for exhibition visitors or guests including items from the Scandinavian collection. The natural brown tones of the wood are perfectly aligned with the Scandinavian style – clean lines, natural finish, neutral colours.

Lolah Rattan Sofa

5. Transparent Chair

Our transparent Chivari chair, also known as the Chivari or Tiffany chair is a familiar silhouette often used for weddings or banquets. This is an update of the classic design made of lightweight acrylic, available in white gold or silver. The change in the material adds a modern edge to the timeless shape expanding its repertoire beyond formal events. Use the chairs to add energy to a formal arrangement or add a quirky touch to club seating.

chivari transparent chair - electra exhibitions

6. Gold side table

This carved gold glass topped table with an up-to-date arabesque design, melds traditional warmth with contemporary glamour. This is an eye-catching piece that can transition easily from night-to-day, casual to formal depending on the surroundings. Use it to add a modern flair to an exclusive VIP area. Contrast the gold with black seating for a classy setup.

gold side table - Electra Exhibitions

7. Arabic coffee table

Inspired by traditional Arabic design, this table is a beautifully refined classic piece. Its charm is suitable for majlis style lounges accompanied by Arabic hanging lamps, traditional carpeting, and splendidly ornate cushions. But it can also shine in a Boho or rustic setting. Match it with large green plants or floral arrangements for any casual relaxed occasion.

Arabic Coffee table

8. Tall showcase black

This black display showcase expresses an understated and basic design. It is modern and the simple tone is exactly right for displaying unique and special pieces. Show off new products in an elegant and urban vitrine. Use it for pop-ups and exclusive retail events. Add it to a formal meeting or waiting room to add depth.

Tail showcase black

9. Black cage lamp

Lighting is a key element in creating a special event atmosphere. The edgy style and minimalist appeal of the cage lamp is more than just that of a lighting fixture. It is a simple but impactful design. Hanging from a high ceiling it can complement an industrial or contemporary setting. Use it to create a smart corporate style for meetings, reception areas and exhibition stands. Pair it with black items like the Gaudi Black Armchair, the Gaudi sofa, or the Gatsby round table or similar furniture.


10. Round ottomans

Pouf ottomans are fun and chic items. The rounded shape is classy and on trend. Ottomans can provide comfortable seating and a great way to punctuate a large space. Include them in seating arrangements using the Ambiente or Lolah sets to punch up the ambience.

mint green round ottoman - electra exhiexhibitions

Furniture Rentals are Only the Start

At Electra, we offer more than just furniture rentals. We provide a comprehensive set of event implementation solutions. Our rental furniture collection represents the best elements in the constantly changing market. We have an updated catalogue of furniture items. The collection is carefully curated to reflect all the latest design trends as well as the indispensable basic pieces perfect for any event. Sometimes you just need a plain chair; sometimes you will want a novelty item like the Festoon Lounge chair. Whatever you need, we can provide options.

Our experienced team can help you create inspired spaces with well-thought-out accents and touches to reflect your brand’s identity or your client’s vision. We can suggest the most appropriate options to fit your vision and budget. Our workshops can produce multiple bespoke items including wooden screens and carved tabletops. All the upholstery items can be customised to your specifications. Your task is to dream, and our mission is to bring your dream into reality. Get in touch today and we will guide you through our rental catalogue and tell you all about the bespoke possibilities to make your event one of its kind.

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