Ramadan Tent at Emirates Towers

Ramadan Furniture Rental for Your Event

Setting the Stage for a Special Season

Ramadan 2020 countdown has already begun. In a little less than two months, Ramadan observances will commence. For event managers and planners, Ramadan in the UAE is one of the busiest seasons with celebrations and special events taking place all over the country.

If you haven’t started your preparations yet, don’t wait a moment longer. Creating the perfect atmosphere means paying attention to the smallest of details, from the menu to place settings, not forgetting furniture and decorations. Whether you are organising a lavish Iftar meal, a luxurious Majlis, or a laid back Suhoor gathering, the right furniture and decorative elements can help create a truly memorable experience.

Ramadan Tent at Emirates Towers

Celebrate Ramadan: 3 Seasonal Decorating Tips

Using familiar Ramadan motifs in new and interesting ways, like the crescent moon, traditional brass lanterns and Arabian inspired woodwork links the past with the present and creates a fresh, light atmosphere.

Whatever the event, the right furniture can enhance your ambience.

  • Please take a seat: Seating options

After a long day of fasting, it’s time to sit and break the fast. Comfortable seating is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Later, socialising with friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere is part of what makes Ramadan so special.

For Suhoor spaces or lounge areas, the elegant lines of our VIP Sofas and Royal Sofas can complement both highly formal set ups and casual arrangements. Dress them up or down with print cushions, throws, lush drapery and lighting. A bright shade of white can serve as refined counterpoint to any other colour combination, anchoring the whole scene.

Dubai Opera - Ramadan Tent and Furniture Rental
  • Mashrabiya all the Way

Mashrabiya motifs are a much-loved element of Middle Eastern décor. Customised panelling is a fabulous way to create semi-private seating areas, or to adorn Majlis walls. One of the most interesting ways to incorporate this Arabic flavoured decorative element is to use it on tables.

Madina Side and Coffee tables in delicate gold or sturdy white are trendy but timeless. Mashrabiya patterned stickers can also be used to dress up your furniture in a convenient and cost-effective way. Customised gold stickers applied to white table tops are endlessly elegant.

Ramadan Furniture Rental - Mashrabiya theme
  • Making a Statement: Unique pieces and customisations add an authentic glamour

Creating an up-to-date Ramadan themed event is all about creating a balance between tradition and innovation; neutral colours and vivid shades; utilitarian items and fun statement pieces. Here are some amusing ideas to add flair to any Ramadan space:

Ramadan Furniture Rental - VIP Sofas at Four Seasons, Jumeirah
    • Arabic seat for VIPs perfect for a contemporary Majlis
    • The vibrant colours of Arabian textiles used with restraint can add drama to any seating group evoking the rich traditions of warm hospitality in Bedouin homes.
    • Lanterns are a Ramadan tradition in some parts of the region, like Egypt and Morocco. Adding brass work hanging lanterns or standing lanterns alongside contemporary furnishings is another way to update Ramadan.
Ramadan Furniture Rental - Ramadan Tent at Jumeirah with Ramadan furniture pieces

Blessed Ramadan: Event Solutions

Setting the stage for a successful event requires more than just booking a suitable venue or hiring a tent. It’s the furnishings, lighting, drapery and decorative items that give life to the venue. Event furniture hire has so many benefits. It expands your repertoire, allowing you more creative license, while being more cost effective than buying all the items you need to create the proper festive mood. Consider renting Ramadan-themed items from our existing furniture collection or let us create bespoke items for you in our in-house facility. We are in the business of providing solutions, for Ramadan events and throughout the year. Browse through our portfolio of Ramadan themed projects, then let us help you realise your vision. Get in touch today to learn more about our end-to-end services and customised products.

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