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The Event “Wow” Factor: 10 Furniture Rental Style Tips

Event Furniture Rental: The Pluses

We’ve recently talked about the advantages of using furniture rentals and customised pieces to take events to another level and to enhance any event setting. The design possibilities opened up by using furniture rentals as well as accessories and specialised pieces are almost limitless. Creating unique and vibrant environments for guests and clients is made that little bit easier when you can mix and match different elements and styles and play with colour combinations, using black or white anchor pieces set off with brilliant splashes of colour.

Furniture Rental in Dubai

Wow your Guests with Furniture Rental

The “Wow” Factor

Truly memorable occasions have a magical quality, something that is almost indescribable, a strange energy in the air, a sense of excitement. This is what we all want to experience, that difficult to define “Wow” factor that characterises special events. Dubai is a very dynamic city, full of hundreds of special events, shows and exhibitions. Event organisers are always being pushed to do more to stand out from the rest. No one wants to attend an ordinary event, let alone be responsible for it. It goes without saying that every type of event requires some furniture. People have to have somewhere to sit, eat, work or chat. But how you select, arrange and combine different furniture elements can make a difference between an ordinary, unexceptional event with that of a spectacular setting.

Furniture Rental & Customised Solutions for Special Events

How to guarantee that your guests and clients are surprised, delighted and amused? Creating a special ambiance requires first, attention to detail. Choose a predominant theme, then mix things up with an eclectic approach. Match shapes, sizes and colours, then let your creativity take flight. Use customised pieces and add decorative elements. Experiment with motifs and lighting. Here are some inspiring furniture rental tips to impress your guests and clients in your next event.

1 “You Light up My Life”: Illuminated Furniture

Lighting is one of the most powerful tools for creating a mood and an ambiance. Soft lighting imparts a sense of elegance and romance. Spot lights can enhance any display. One of the newest trends in event furniture rental are illuminated pieces in amusing shapes, sizes and colours. More fun than subtle, these pieces are sure conversation starters. Use these pieces in corners, walkways, or in cosy seating areas especially at night time events.

Illuminated Furniture Rental - Electra

2 That Old Black Magic

Black has always been an indicator of style and sophistication. We all remember Coco Chanel’s perfect little black dress set off with a string of pearls, or the Duchess of Windsor’s chic wardrobe accessorised with dazzling jewellery. Just as black can complement anything in fashion, it does so also in event layout. We suggest selecting a few black pieces of furniture to match any environment with dark ceilings. Black furnishings complement brassy metallic textures or can create an intense contrast to white or colourful backgrounds.


3 “Take a Chance on Me”: The Scandinavian Aesthetic

Ever since the 1950s, Scandinavian design has been a favourite. It is characterised by the extensive use of simple unfussy shapes, minimalist and functional, natural materials, and pale colours. The lovely thing about choosing a Scandinavian theme is how flexible it is. You are able to create comfortable, open, inviting environments, equally suitable for private and corporate events.

Furniture Rental - Scandinavian Style

4 Arabian Nights

Using Arabic or Middle Eastern motifs and decorative elements in our region is always a go-to option, especially when there are special occasions like Ramadan. But it must be done with a great deal of taste. Look for pieces that are perfectly up to date but evoke Arabian heritage and tradition. That means deep rich colours, luxe textiles for drapes, upholstery and floor coverings. Geometric patterns and Mashrabiya like screens can hit both classic and modernist tones. The same can be said for lighting elements, like brass filigree or copper work lanterns. Perfectly up to date pieces using traditional motifs and decorative elements drawn from the region’s rich cultural history – but modernised and lifted – couches, seats, tables, Mashrabiya-like screens and tables, lanterns and carpets, decorative elements like coffee and water pitchers, flags and tapestries – intricate brass and copperwork filigree metal lanterns and accessories.

Furniture Rental - 9-TSWWW-Coffee-Table-Italian-Mashrabiya Italian Coffee Table Mashrabiya White

5 Back to Basics

Basic pieces need to be part of the standard tools of any furniture rental service. Simple, clean cut furniture, like chairs, stools, tables in neutral colours; white, black and grey, are the building blocks of any “Wow” event environment. These are the pieces to be used to complement and balance any over-the-top design theme.

Furniture Rental - Scandinavian White and Grey Chairs

6 “Get This Party Started”: Gala

High profile formal private and corporate functions need a more classic and timeless aesthetic. The principal theme must use chic pieces in classic colours, like white and gold. But it also includes variety creating different moods and secondary settings in corners. Use different kinds of seating and tables to give guests a sense of freedom, a range of options for sitting, chatting and dining. Luxury furniture rentals can be even more special when your supplier can provide customisation options and incorporate fun elements like those mentioned in this post. Gala furniture can be combined with Scandinavian or Lounge pieces. Depending on the occasion, Arabian or Pop components can be splashed to add excitement and tweak the formality.

Furniture Rental - 15-CDFWO-Chair-Chivari-Gold

7 “We Built This City”: Industrial & Urban

For a harder, edgier theme, industrial and urban elements are a perfect choice. Minimalist angular shapes, man-made materials, hard lines and edges can make any conference or meeting seem cooler, more modern, more focused and harder driven. Check out our extra cool barrel tables available in a variety of colours.

Furniture Rental - 19-LTXXS-Bar-Stool-Urban-with-Back-Galvanized

8 “Relax to the Max”: Lounging Around

We cannot think of any event that could not be enhanced by the addition of some corners for lounging. Lounge furniture rental can include different seating options like sofas, poufs, banquets, armchairs, and more. Comfortable, plush pieces that can be covered in neutral or colourful fabrics add extra panache and encourage guests to rest, chat and network.

Furniture Rental - 51-ASDVF-Sofa-Armchair-VIP-Arabic-Seat-Orange-Red-Beige-b

9 Pop Goes the Weasel

Pop colour pieces are fun, bright and young. Pop art inspired with brilliant neon colours, cool shapes always bring out the fresh 1960’s vibe. Think about using these kinds of quirky elements in any corporate event, workshop, meeting or conference to add life and vibrance to the atmosphere. Jazz up your exhibition stand with pieces that will surely attract passers-by.

Furniture Rental - Orange Chairs

10 Party All The Time: Outdoor Fun

Events held in the open air require special pieces. They need to be functional but not boring; comfortable but resilient. Outdoor event furniture rental should provide you with different seating options that can scale up for formal functions, or scale down for comfy outdoor dos. As always, mix and match – metal and plastic, fabric and wood, reminiscent of English garden parties or high-class camp outs.

Outdoor Event Furniture Rental

Wrapping it all Up

Furniture and accessories complement any event, support its theme, and for corporates, communicate its brand. Renting furniture for an event, occasion or exhibition stand is a worry-free solution to creating the best environment for your guests, visitors and clients. As one of the top furniture rental companies in the region, we have an absolute commitment to style. Our furniture inventory is being constantly updated and refined to reflect the most recent quality furniture trends. Our credo includes:

  • Be Big & Be Bold: don’t be afraid to use black as well as bright splashes of colour. Even the most serious corporate event can be improved with some comfortable seating, colourful accents and decorative features.
  • Mix & Match: create your own inimitable style. Combine different types of pieces, break up the available space into different corners and zones. For tables, pick different heights and sizes. Do the same for seating, chairs, armchairs, sofas, banquets and benches, even poufs.
  • Fun it Up: Keep the mood light and cheery. Focus on guests’ and clients’ comfort and amenities. Choose furniture that is cool, stylish and that perfectly complements your theme.

Check out more of our bespoke collection for more design ideas for your next event or exhibition.

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