Thinking that one matching style of furniture is all you need? Think again!

Incorporating two to three styles of furniture together will not only make your event or exhibition space more interesting but elevate it.

However, difficulty arises with placement, choice of colour and an underlying worry that it will look muddled and chaotic. Fear not, we have brought together 3 simple ways to make mixing styles an effortless task.

Step 1

Adopt a predominant style. Whether it be traditional, modern, industrial or vintage, let one dominate. Larger furniture may affect this as they will be the focal point in your area or booth for example, so keep their characteristics the same.


Step 2

Colour and shape should coordinate. Even though you have two or three styles that don’t seem to correlate, their shape and colour may say otherwise. Nothing has to match identically, but should have a pair. Pick a colour pallet that can be seen throughout and choose cohesive shapes, such as curves, to tie the pieces together.


Step 3

Distribute equally. Incorporate your styles evenly and strategically throughout the entire area you are fitting out. Clumping one style all together will make it look top heavy and disturb the harmonious flow.


Confident yet?

We have a large variety of furniture in an array of colours, shapes and styles, waiting to be mixed together!


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