New exhibition stand trends in Dubai

Top 2018 Exhibition Stand Trends that will Continue to Dominate 2019

The exhibition industry in the UAE is very dynamic and fast moving. Trends are constantly changing, and corporate and other clients all want be on the crest of new fashions. No one commissioning an exhibition stand wants to look out-of-date or out-of-style. We saw a lot of innovation and creativity this year among exhibition stand companies in Dubai including the integration of more technological solutions, the use materials in unusual and original ways, and more focus on brand identity and consistency. Many of the most popular exhibition trends of 2018 will continue to dominate in 2019 but with the addition of some new twists especially with the greater integration of technological tools to make booths and stands provide more interactive options.

2019 Exhibition Stand Trends and Beyond

2019 Exhibition Stand Trends and Beyond

Many of the trends we have explored for 2019 are inter-related and cross-cutting. The key theme is creating immersive and unique customer-visitor experiences through a wide-range of tools, including technology, layout, furnishing and branding. Clients always want to create a “Wow” factor. What we are seeing is that there are different ways to create powerful impressions through exhibition stand designs. In the year to come, we predict that we will be seeing more of the following trends:

Brave New World: Technology

Technology and digitalisation are the new buzz words. It seems like there is nothing under the sun that cannot be improved or pumped up by the integration of different technological tools and solutions. This is a trend that has a lot of staying power. More companies are getting on board with the use of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) components for demos. Touchscreen displays and interactive presentations are already widespread. However, we have some concerns about the unreserved use of technology. It must only be done if appropriate to the trade show theme, and if it directly benefits the exhibiting company and if it all contributes to a seamless customer experience.

In terms of exhibition stand construction, contractors must be able to provide reliable connectivity for all devices as well as ensuring adequate and safe power supply. Seeming on top of tech doesn’t have to be complicated. Many exhibition stands now include the device charging stations for visitors.

Cutting and Splicing: Layout and Space

In 2018, we’ve seen many new ways of using space in exhibitions. The traditional rectangular or boxy shaped booth has given way to constructions that create both open and enclosed areas. Opening parts of the exhibit area, while enclosing others with walls and ceilings, helps to manipulate the space, and avoid the monotony of cookie cutter exhibition stand designs. It also creates variation in the experience of visitors.

New Sensation: Creating Customer Experiences

One of the fastest growing trends is to use the exhibition booth to create a unique and immersive customer experience. Rather than just constructing a standard booth with seating, counters and signage, more clients are requesting something more sensory and visceral. For retailers, that can mean creating a pop-up store. For other clients, it can mean creating a space that mirrors where their products or services will be used.

For GESS Dubai 2018, we constructed a natural looking environment for our client resembling a rustic but modern study area, highlighting their unique brand colours, using wooden lattice shaped walls, roughhewn blond wood tables and black industrial style lighting.

Builders looking at the new exhibition stand trends

Bringing it Home: Furniture & Fabric

In a clear break from the past, characterised by stark, functional, industrial and cold-looking exhibition booths, one of the hottest trends we see continuing in 2019 is a turn to a more comfortable laid-back feel. This is created by the use of furniture, fittings and fabrics to create a more at home feel in the exhibition stand. Adding at home touches like carpeting and covering the walls with fabric, as well as using comfortable furniture, sofas, couches, armchairs and more. All these can add to the appeal of an exhibition booth, creating a warmer and more inviting impression. Furniture and fittings can be customised to convey different messages about the brand, like being approachable, clean cut, industrial, modern or chic. Alongside this trend, we see the increased usage of more natural and sustainable materials like wood.


Ataya 2018 involved assembling a 4450 sqm temporary structure, housing over 100 individual booths. Scandinavian-inspired furnishings from our rental collection and wood flooring helped to produce a modern yet homey vibe.

Ataya Exhibition Stand 2018

Everything is Illuminated: Lighting

An exhibition stand is like a stage and as in the theatre, lighting is the one of the most effective ways of creating a mood. Lighting can be used in so many different ways:

  • Lighting fixtures, like hanging chandeliers can convey a sense of formality or luxury. Industrial lighting can seem edgy and modern.
  • Track lighting can be used as another decorative element.
  • Backlighting display cases can create a futuristic vibe.

Unique and elaborate lighting features made a dramatic statement at Arabian Travel Market 2018.

Greenbrier Company showcasing the newest exhibition stand trends in Dubai

Customise It: On Brand Messaging

In 2018, we saw more companies commission exhibition stands that reflected their brand values and brand identities . This trend toward customisation of booths will continue and will get stronger. Exhibition stand designers will become more creative in how they portray the brand identities of different clients – in the selection of colour palette, signage options, and so on. The core idea in this design trend is to provide more personalised exhibition booths, to allow clients to express their own separate identity and to promote their unique value propositions.

During the Middle East Rail 2018, we brought to life the design concept for The Greenbrier Companies by building a 136 sqm stand. The stand demonstrated their commitment to sustainability using a bright friendly lighting scheme, natural wood and metallic finishes, and a green colour palette complementing the brand colours. We focused on using sustainable and recyclable materials in the execution of the stand.


During AEEDC 2018, Dentsply Sirona exhibition area we delivered a fun and quirky take on their business focus of empowering dental professionals. Large square poufs resembling molars, metal bar stools evoking dental tools, as well as visual displays created an over the top clinic.


Quality is the Trend that Never Goes out of Style

Trends come and go, fashions change, but quality is timeless. The best exhibition stand companies in Dubai always make the effort to remain on top of the coming trends; identifying and analysing what works and what does not. Professional exhibition stand builders in Dubai can execute the most intricate and complex designs successfully, but more importantly, they can provide guidance on how to get the most out of your budget, as well as crucial project management capabilities. There are so many interconnected elements that go into creating a successful exhibition stand, or trade booth, including choosing booth location and booth design. The crucial make or break factor is quality of the implementation. Design only starts you on the journey. Construction, installation, furnishing and décor – that is what helps you achieve your exhibition stand objectives.

Only the top exhibition companies in Dubai can provide consistency, reliability, on-time delivery and pick up, as well as high quality finishing and superior furniture, accessories and fixtures.

What sets Electra apart?

  • Team Experience – highly-skilled workers, and craftsmen – detail oriented and committed to excellence
  • European Management Team – provides European standards and quality, and understands requirements from European clients
  • Advanced Methods and Processes
  • Transparent communication at every stage of the process
  • State-of-the-Art machinery and equipment

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