“Le French”, Dubai Design Week 2018

"Le French", Dubai Design Week 2018

“Le French Design, How Innovation Creates History” exhibition was an important milestone within the on-going Emirati French cultural dialogue.

The exhibition organized by the Institut Français in the UAE, held during Dubai Design Week 12 to 17 November 2018, demonstrated the intimate relationship between the arts, design and everyday life by displaying the creations of 14 up and coming French designers from the collective “Made in France en Transparence.

LeFrench-@-Design-Week-2018 LeFrench-@-Design-Week-2018 LeFrench-@-Design-Week-2018

Alongside, showcasing examples from the newest and most dynamic elements of the contemporary French design scene, the exhibition also made a statement about the significant role design has in raising social awareness, especially regarding the environment and sustainable development.


We were selected to oversee and execute the overall concept of the exhibition covering design, set up and dismantling. This involved building a 228 square meter exhibition area, incorporating exhibition stands, displays and seating areas. The focus throughout was to exhibit the pieces in the best possible fashion so a very high attention to detail was required including ensuring perfect finishes for all the stands and display cases.




Our team was responsible for the entire project, developing the design concept as well as detailed project implementation plans and schedules to ensure on-time delivery, installation and dismantling. As we do in all our projects, our team communicated closely with the client at all stages including design and execution to ensure that there was mutual understanding of the requirements and full alignment on the expectations. Due to the high-profile nature of the event we made an extra effort by increasing the frequency of communications to ensure that the exhibition fully met our all client’s requirements.

Our detailed design included many decorative elements and display units, including custom-made walls and partitions, stands, display cases, etc. All these items were produced in our in-house production facilities to ensure a high standard of quality. In addition, pieces from our extensive furniture rental collection enhance the atmosphere, including our Scandinavian Armchair. We ensured that the 14 exhibition items were highlighted and arranged within the exhibition space to convey the exhibition’s overall message as well as engaging visitors.



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