Swiss Pavilion Fit Out

EXPO 2020, more than 50 projects delivered

Expo 2020 was the 34th World Expo and largest to date, regrouping more than 190 countries for 6 months. The mega event crossed the 20 million visitors’ mark.

Electra delivered more than 50 projects on the expo site and being part of this historical event was one of our proudest achievements. Continue reading to discover some of the concepts we brought to life:

Maldives Pavilion

For this very bright and colourful pavilion, Electra handled the full interior fit out and very colourful fabrics, with many colours that our graphics team matched with perfection.

The main structures were produced using a combination of MDF and steel, while the projector fabric was added to create the illusion of movement and transport visitors to the beautiful islands.

Design by ThinkOTS for the Maldives Pavilion

Maldives Pavilion Fit Out Design by ThinkOTS for the Maldives Pavilion

Senegal Pavilion

We were commissioned by our client to provide all interior graphics for the Senegal Pavilion. From bright colours to clear writing and unique shapes, we were able to deliver a full solution to transform the exhibition space.

Design by ThinkOTS for the Senegal Pavilion

Expo 2020 carts

These colourful carts were hard to miss and are part of many people’s memories (especially children) as visitors shopped Expo 2020 souvenirs or just took a water break around them. We built 15 pieces scattered over the 45,000 sqm site. High grade Canadian wood was used in addition to a steel reinforcement to make sure the structures withstood all weathers from the coldest months and rain to the hottest days. The colourful graphics used were matching the Expo branding and enhanced the carts’ visibility. We built the 2×1.5m carts to include everything a shop may need like storage, cashier register placement, different types of displays, drawers, wheels, lights, sockets, etc…

Design by TVG Global for Expo 2020

Micro museums

What an honour it has been to be part of this project: the world’s smallest biomimicry museums at the biggest world fair!

We produced 6 free standing structures made of steel, with different shapes of graphics and contents. The curved shape allowed for more visibility and the custom-made books at the top provided more interaction.

The micro museums will now live on to be permanent exhibits in Terra — the Sustainability Pavilion at Expo City Dubai.

Design by Acciona for Expo 2020


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