Private Event, The World Islands, Dubai

Electra is proud to have delivered the very first temporary event venue build from scratch on the world islands, a man-built archipelago of 300 islands representing a world map, off the coast of Dubai.

Taking place on ‘Clarence Island’, the private event featured a 429 m² venue. Our client Showtime trusted us to deliver all structures and tent solutions. Electra provided its innovative temporary structure ‘The Cube’, which can be customised according to the event technical requirements and look and feel. Customized elements included a made to order façade header and outdoor decking. The unusual buildup lasted 5 days with daily boat roundtrips between Dubai mainland and the world islands.

The unique location of the event, as well as the ideal venue provided by “The Cube” allowed for an unforgettable experience for the 250 attendees. On land or in the middle of the sea, Electra keeps its promise of a hassle-free project delivery, on time, everytime.

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