The Most Versatile Temporary Venue

 in the Middle-East

The Cube is the cutting-edge result of complex research and long-term development conforming to European standards of quality and safety. With adjustable dimensions and highly customisable features, the Cube is ideal for medium to large scale events.  

The Cube's horizontal panels are interchangeable; allowing for various degrees of customisation including mashrabiya, clear windows, black out and much more. 

Additionally, the structure can be concealed under a second-skin to create straight walls. The structure’s cover can be fully branded to reflect your event or company's colours, making The Cube an incredible promotional tool. 

Continuously Versatile.

With variable width, modular length and reasonable height, The Cube adapts to any event. The ceiling height also allows for towering installations, a temperature-controlled skatepark or even sports tournaments to be held with ease within The Cube’s structure.

Spatially Diverse.

Events often come with inelegant elements like generators, air handlers and chillers. Parts of The Cube's roof can be removed to conceal glaring installations without compromising the event's design, safety and temperature. The roof can also be taken off to create an al fresco entrance or an atrium for guests to bask in natural light.

Nothing but The Cube.

The Cube is the cutting-edge result of complex research, long-term development and strategic thinking. This innovative temporary structure combines endless customisation options with Electra's European standards of quality and safety – all at a very competitive price. 

More for Less.

Made to Measure

Adjustable dimensions, flexible exteriors and open-roof options give event organisers the chance to explore endless customisation possibilities.

Thermal Comfort

The Cube features an inflatable, pressurised roof for improved insulation, ideal for expansion of an existing venue or the covering of a terrace during the hottest months of the year. 

Sharp Aesthetics

With its clean facade and invisible roof, The Cube replicates permanent buildings with the advantage of being installed in unseen locations. 

Features Fit for Any Function

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